About us

    We are a small family business that makes handmade colorful home décor. Started in 2012 by selling creations made from wood on Etsy and for almost 10 years our shop was known by the name “UniqueWoodArtwork”. Since that time we have grown creatively so much that our small business became more than just a place to buy steel brackets and wood shelves.

    In the beginning of 2022 we decided that we needed a new face and a name to represent what we believe in. We love colors and value quality in every aspect of definition of a home. Colors and small details in our homes make us happy and lets us express ourselves. 

That’s how Colorful Home Decor was born.

So meet our Colorful Home Decor family!

We are happy to see you here and will be more than welcomed to help you find what Your home decor needs. From industrial and rustic to colorful eclectic - everyone will be able to find something exclusively handmade for their home 😊